A Rehabber's Guide to Living withand Caring for Gerbils

Words from the Gerbil Whisperer: Happiness is being owned by a Gerbil

Website's Purpose

  I have written this website to share with you the funny stories, loving memories, happy times, and sad endings I have experienced while living with, rehabbing, and caring for gerbils.  My animals have been the inspiration for many children's books that I have written and published in a series called Leslie Balch's Critter Tails.  In this website you will not only find information about these nature and animal inspired books but will receive the invaluable facts, data, opinions, lessons, and important information I have learned about gerbils and life itself.

  I have outlined my experiences in easy to read blog posts, cute pictures, and informative videos.  If you have any questions about gerbils or their care please feel free to contact me.  I will do the best that I can to give you as much guidance as needed.


Below you will find a description of the individual pages displayed on this site.

Home Page: This page discusses the purpose of this website.

A Gerbil's History discusses the natural environment of gerbils, their way of life, and how they came to be kept as pets in the United States.

In a Rehabbers Calling you will learn about how and why I became a gerbil rehabber.

Rehabbing Information discusses my methods and techniques on rehabbing gerbils.

A Rehabbers Life Style discusses the trials and tribulations associated with living as a rehabber.

In Rehab Cases you will learn about the different gerbil's I have rehabbed and their individual cases.

A Rehabbers Writings is a collection of my blogs I have written about rehabbing and caring for 20 gerbils.

Gerbil Care houses important information about caring for gerbils.

Bringing Home Baby discusses what to look for in a healthy gerbil when adopting and how to prepare yourself for successfully caring for these critters.

Squeak Speak discusses different gerbil behaviors and body language as well as how to understand and speak gerbil.

FAQ About Gerbils is a collection of frequently asked questions answered in a convenient location.

Gerbil Illness discusses the different conditions my gerbils have had and contains links to websites that discuss other illnesses.

Gerbil Diseases discuss the different diseases my gerbils have had and contains links to other websites that discuss other diseases.

Gerbil Injuries discusses the different injuries my gerbil have had and contains links to other websites that discusses other injuries.

Meet The Squeaks: On this page you will personally meet all of my gerbils through their own personal biographies.

The Weekly Squeak houses a new cute and funny story or picture every week.

Human and Animal Bonds discusses what I have learned through my strong and loving bonds with my gerbils.

Photos contains photo albums of each gerbil pair in my clan.

Videos: I have included information and educational videos on this site describing how to care for gerbils.

Gerbil Tracks Guest Book allows for visitors to leave a comment on my website if they wish too.

Contact Me: Offers a way to contact me to receive guidance, answered questions, or rehabbing services.

Leslie's Critter Tails: This section of my website discusses my heart warming children's tails that are based on nature's spectacular critters and are laced with morals.  Come meet Jackie the Jumping Gerbil as well as his good pal Pippin as perform special tricks in the famous unheard of gerbil show!



A Foster Home For Hope

Thank you for your patience while my website undergoes a complete makeover.

Nestled in the foothills of the Adirondacks lies the home of the ever loving, sweet natured, and curious Furry Four Footer Gerbil Clan.  They happily chew, scurry, and tunnel as they live out their lives in a loving and nurturing environment.

  My name is Leslie and I am a small animal behaviorist and gerbil rehabber situated in New York.  I possess a deep passion for small furry animals, both wild and tame. I love watching their antics and learning about the behaviors that makes them so unique.

  Even though I have an undying love for God's small and furry creatures, like the cuddly guinea Pig and quirky degu, I have always been drawn to the ever curious and lovable gerbil.  Since my gerbils have given my life such meaning, love, and purpose, I have the desire to return the favor to these precious critters. 

  I work with anxious, aggressive, abused, and hard luck Gerbils to give them a fresh beginning and a happier life style to call their own.


 This is Max Mouse who was my first rehab case.  Isn't he adorable?

My Rehabbing Services

1. Provide a safe and loving home for it’s current occupants

2. Act as a forever home for rehabbed gerbils

3. Provide helpful information I have gathered through rehabbing and studying gerbil behaviors on my website.  Offer coaching, advice, and special services on a case by case basis to clients who contact me through my website

4. To continue to learn from my observations of gerbil behavior and adopt new techniques while working with troubled gerbils

5. To display the successful rehab cases I have worked on and share their stories with fellow animal lovers on this website   

 I would love to work with you and your Gerbil(s) who have displayed unmanageable behavioral problems.  I am willing to offer coaching and advice through emails as well as working one on one with you and your gerbil if you live nearby.

If needed I can offer contact information of gerbil breeders and reputable pet stores who practice excellent animal care throughout the state of New York.

 For any assistance you can reach me through the "contact me" page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Furry Four Footer's Mission Statement:

To cure the pain of a suffering soul

Will always be my primary goal

As they live out their lives with me

Their spirits will heal and then fly free

 Sunny Spritz being his curious self.

Copyright ©2011 by Leslie Balch. No materials or content on this site can be reproduced or copied without written permission from Leslie Balch.



Leslie Balch's Critter Tails

Leslie Balch's Critter Tails is a small children's book company run by yours truly.  Over the years working with small animals has given me the opportunity and inspiration to write stories about the furry critters we love so much.

My work is heavily inspired by the wonderful yet often over looked creatures such as mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, porcupines, squirrels, ducks and many more.  These sweet stories are laced with helpful morals and are jam packed with great fun.  

As an author I admire Beatrix Potter and Thornton Burgess and wish to someday make a name for myself among these literary role models.  I will never stop honing my skills as a writer and reaching for the highest goals that I can set in the world of children's books until I have created a whole world of exciting and lovable characters to teach children about the finest things in life.

 Come Along on my Journey

I always like a good adventure and I intend on sharing every little bit of my journey on my way to establishing my collection of books and becoming the best author I can possibly be.  

I have set up a page on facebook that acts as an interactive web page where I can share everything from funny stories about my gerbils, the process of publishing a book, polls about characters and names, simple contests, sneak peaks, and much more.

Please come join my group entitled, "A Tail of a Lifetime: Living with Gerbils" to join me in my journey and the chance to become part of Leslie Balch's Critter Tails.  If you have any questions about my book please feel free to email me at lesliebalch@hotmail.com.

Please visit the page entitled, "Leslie Balch's Critter Tail" to learn more about the stories I have written and where to purchase them.

Critter Tail Creations

Critter Tail Creations is a small company that I am slowly starting up.  Besides offering books about small critters I will also be offering a plethora of items for the rodent enthusiast such as decorative clay gerbils, earrings, necklaces, charm bracelets, book marks, candies, candles, specialty soap, notebooks, memo pads ect.

Max Mouse The Mascot

Maxie Mouse was my very first rehab case and is Furry Four Footers mascot.  After graduating from his rehab program Max is a very happy boy who lives peacefully with his friend Milo!  Read about his success story and recovery in Rehab Cases.


Important Links

Inspiring Improvisations

My name is Leslie Balch and I am an Improvisational Keyboardist. Everything I play is composed right on the spot as I perform and is heavily influenced by nature and special life events. I currently have a 2 albums and a single in online stores including Itunes.  I am currently working on a website that features links to my albums, free songs, music videos, upcoming gigs and functions I will be playing at, as well as a blog following my experiences as a musician.  I hope you find my music to be enjoyable and relaxing.  Thanks!

Shawsheen River Gerbils

Libby is a rehabber and breeder situated in Massachusetts.  She is a very kind hearted soul who takes in unwanted gerbils, breeds pups to be their cage mates, and finds them good homes.  If you are looking to give some unwanted Gerbils a home Libby is the person to contact.  I rehab her anxious, troubled, depressed, and agressive gerbils in the hopes of a better life with a happy home and plenty of companionship.

American Gerbil Society

The American Gerbil Society is a place where gerbil lovers can get together and share their passion for Gerbils.  It is a very intricate society made up of breeders, rehabbers, and animal lovers.  On this site you will find lists of breeders, upcoming Gerbil shows, merchandise, and much more.  If you become a member of The American Gerbil Society you receive special offers and rights for a small fee.  The American Gerbil Society is a very warm and beneficial society to belong too.

Pet Finder

This is an excellent website to find small critters as well as larger animals who need homes.

Autumn Glory Gerbils

Chris is a wonderful, helpful, and very knowledgable breeder whose dedication and caring shine through her tame and sweet natured Gerbils.  I have adopted two beautiful boys, Spirit and Denali, and have enjoyed their gentle ways.  I would recommend contacting Autumn Glory Gerbils if you are looking for calm, handtamed, and lovable Gerbils.

The Gerbil Forum 

The Gerbil Forum is a very informative forum filled to the brink with helpful information about health, behaviors, do it yourself projects, breeding, ect.  On this forum people work together and share important information about Gerbil care.


A good of friend of mine has made a website educating others about the care of dogs and dog related issues and topics, puppy mills, breed bans, ect.



These websites offer wonderful homemade dog supplies such as dog collars and more.  I found it an interesting site with unique products for your doggy pal! Check it out.  You won't be disappointed.

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